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Planning Your Office Fit Out
03rd May 2011

Planning Your Office Fit Out

You need your office to attract potential clients and to be optimised for maximum productivity from your employees – after all, it is the very heart of your business. It’s evidently vital to opt for the right furniture, but it’s also vital, irrespective of whether you want to make a new start by moving into a new building or instead have an existing property to refurbish, that you present your office impeccably and make the most of the available space, as well as ensure that it is set up for the benefit of everyone involved in your organisation.

Planning Early

Start early with your new design’s planning process. Consider your requirements in addition to those that may be less than essential to your plans. You may need a dedicated server room, for example, in which case you should include it in your plans and ensure that your electric wiring and cabling is unobstructed and safe. Also think about those teams that need to be situated right next to each other, as doing this can optimise performance and enhance communications.

Optimal Layout For Your Business

There are many factors that you need to consider if you wish to optimise your office layout. Even if certain areas have to be partitioned off, for example, you should consider using glazed partitions that allow teams to still see each other. Separating two teams with a solid barrier will affect the psychological relationship between them, making them less communicative with each other.

Consider New Additions

If expansion of your business entails refurbishing or moving office, you should think about any new additions to your company. This may be in the form of new employees, but it could also be in the form of new technology such as a new server or even a new dedicated storage room. Also consider the likelihood of having to make any further additions in the near future so that you can also attempt to allow for these in your design.

Attracting Clients

At some stage in the future, it is likely that you’ll want to invite potential clients into your office. Such meetings can be what ultimately determine whether you put pen to paper on new contracts or are instead left trying to minimise the damage. Make sure that your office is well-presented and professional, but don’t deter them by giving them the impression that you are too expensive a company for them to use.

An office fit out from RDFGroup.co can be vital in improving the layout and the look of your business office so that employees are more productive and the office is more appealing to visitors.


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