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Thinking About Office Refurbishment
03rd May 2011

Thinking About Office Refurbishment

Refurbishing your office can help to improve your workplace’s appearance in addition to enhancing communication and efficiency between your organisation’s different teams and team members. Given the huge amount of time that is spent by employees in the workplace, its’ not surprising that their productivity and morale can be greatly affected by the safety, healthiness and comfort of the environment that you provide them with. Before you look for the right company that can refurbish your office, you should think about the many elements of office refurbishment.

Reducing Noise

Offices have sound travelling around them, and a busy one will generally have dozens of people talking to each other, on phones and just generally going about their work. It can be hard to concentrate on work as a result of noise at this level, and it can also be incredibly difficult to arrange meetings in these types of areas.

Using Partitions

Partitioning can be a useful alternative to creating dedicated offices when it comes to reducing noise levels in certain areas of the office. Glazed partitions avoid leaving each department feeling completely isolated, whilst still allowing for separation. A department that feels isolated is less likely to communicate with other departments. The use of glazed partitions can, if not always completely removing this effect, at least reduce it.

Maximising Available Space

It is absolutely imperative to successful refurbishment of your office that you make the most of the space that you have. Sufficient room needs to be provided for all team members in all departments. Keep in mind that your staff members need to be able to freely and comfortably move around in addition to sitting at their desk. A degree of storage space should be made available so that those who require it can easily access it, whilst you may wish to provide more permanent storage in another area of the office building.

Reducing Your Overheads

Increasingly imperative to businesses are their energy bills. Some relatively minor alterations like suspended ceilings can be useful in reducing the amount of energy that is needed to heat or air condition a building and this, in turn, will decrease your overheads by getting rid of unnecessary overhead space. It can also make lighting more effective and comfortable, which ensures a more pleasing and productive place to work in addition to saving further money on energy bills.

RDFGroup.co provides a full office refurbishment service to help ensure that you are making the most of your office space and offering your employees a more comfortable and productive working environment.


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