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What Is Property Maintenance And Does Your Business Need It?
17th October 2011

Whether you are a landlord that owns several buildings and types of property or you own a unit of offices, the condition of your property is vitally important. Run down buildings can be a hazard to all concerned, which includes visitors, residents, and employees. If poor conditions lead to health and safety hazards that are not rectified then you could potentially face legal action, lose your reputation and standing, and need to find new tenants to replace those that leave.

It is the responsibility of the building owner to ensure that it is kept in a safe and habitable condition. The building needs to be fit for purpose, no matter what that purpose is. This should include the exterior and interior of the building. It should meet all fire and safety regulations, as legally required, and in most cases, the overall look and quality of the building should be kept as high as possible.

It is theoretically possible for you to undertake all of your own property maintenance but this is far from being the best solution. It is a time consuming task and one that requires you to have unique skills as well as a list of reliable, proven, and cost effective contacts. There are certain aspects of property maintenance that need to be completed by an accredited and trained professional and if you do not meet these requirements then you are not legally allowed to undertake the work.

There are many different aspects to property maintenance and you will need to learn each and every one. If you have experience in this field then it may be possible to do the work and complete it satisfactorily and legally, but do you really have the time to dedicate to fixing, repairing, and maintaining your building? By employing a professional property maintenance company, it is possible to keep your property in the best possible condition. This can prevent injury to tenants and others within or outside the property. Such injuries and other problems can lead to serious ramifications for you, as the building owner, because you will be the one that is ultimately held responsible.

The RDF Group offers extensive property maintenance services for all property owners, whether residential or commercial landlords.


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