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Top Safety Accreditation for RDF Group
Friday 9th March 2012

RDF Group is one of the latest group of successful companies to join a leading edge scheme, designed to help industry improve its safety record.

Fixing A 150 Year Old Clay Pipe
Monday 28th November 2011

How do you solve the problem of a broken sewer pipe that is 10m below ground level underneath the basement of a multi-story office block in the City of London

Choosing A Property Maintenance Service
Friday 21st October 2011

Many different types of building, both residential and commercial, require property maintenance.

Overcoming The Difficulties Associated With Office Refurbishment
Wednesday 19th October 2011

Any business owner or employee that has arranged or experienced office refurbishment will know that it can cause major disruption to a business.

A Guide To Your Office Fit Out
Tuesday 18th October 2011

An office fit out may also be known as an office refurbishment or strip out. It is a process where an office building is modernised and refurbished but may also refer to the final stage of fitting out a new office.

What Is Property Maintenance And Does Your Business Need It?
Monday 17th October 2011

Whether you are a landlord that owns several buildings and types of property or you own a unit of offices, the condition of your property is vitally important.

Are You Considering An Office Refurbishment?
Monday 8th August 2011

If you look around your office are you really happy with the way that it looks? Offices are often busy places with access by many people.

How An Office Fit Out Service Can Help Your Business
Monday 8th August 2011

Did you know that the look and feel of your office could have a massive effect on your business? Not many people do.

Property Maintenance Services
Monday 8th August 2011

In business it is important to remember that first impressions count. You want to make sure that any potential clients via you as professional and this means making sure your workspace gives out the right impression.

Contractors in London That Are Consistently Reliable
Thursday 14th July 2011

There’s no question that it’s both greatly exciting and stressful to move into your first office, in addition to being an aid to your personal development.

Remove the Stress with Expert Office Refurbishment Services
Thursday 14th July 2011

It can cause a lot of stress to attempt to organise a complete office refurbishment. Such a task requires a huge amount of organisation, from purchasing the appropriate furniture and laying a new floor to decorating the walls and establishing the design.

Highly Dependable Property Maintenance
Thursday 14th July 2011

In the aftermath of an office move, it will be necessary for you to contemplate the legal and practical aspects of operating a successful workplace.

RDF play in 5 aside tournament at the Emirates
Tuesday 24th May 2011

RDF took part in 5 aside tournament at the Emirates Stadium Tuesday 24th May 2011

Planning Your Office Fit Out
Tuesday 3rd May 2011

You need your office to attract potential clients and to be optimised for maximum productivity from your employees – after all, it is the very heart of your business

Thinking About Office Refurbishment
Tuesday 3rd May 2011

Refurbishing your office can help to improve your workplace’s appearance in addition to enhancing communication and efficiency between your organisation’s different teams and team members

Commercial Property Maintenance
Thursday 28th April 2011

Both in legal and aesthetic terms, there are plenty of needs that commercial buildings have. You should frequently top up your fire extinguishers as a key element of your office health and safety plan, whilst if you regularly entertain potential clients

RDF to play at the Emirates stadium
Friday 15th April 2011

RDF have been invited to play 7 a side football at the Emirates staduim on 24th May, we will be training and playing against some of the arsenal ledgends. Watch this space for how we do.

RDF welcome a health and safety advisor to the team
Friday 15th April 2011

RDF are pleased to announce they have now got a health and safety advisor John Hoskins. John has 20 years experience in Health and Safety. We feel he will be a big asset to the company as it continues to grow.

Why Your Business Needs An Office Refurbishment
Wednesday 16th March 2011

Refurbishing your office is about more than simply repainting flaking, tired-looking walls. It can mean an improved environment for employees to work in, it can have a role in creating the right image of your firm.

Click here to reveal our competition winners
Wednesday 26th January 2011

We are proud to announce the winners of our Arsenal competition as...

Introducing Frazer, our new trainee
Friday 3rd December 2010

We’re delighted to take part in training the future workforce, by welcoming FRAZER WEBB to the RDF team. He has just completed a 2 year construction and engineering course at HERTFORD College.

RDF gets a facelift
Friday 26th November 2010

We’ve recently refurbished our Enfield Head Office. You may have noticed that we’ve also updated our logo, rebranded our vans and uniforms to match, and launched our new website.


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