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Complaints Policy

How a Complaint Can be Made

A complaint can be made in the following ways:

The Complaints Process

A manager or their delegate in the service area concerned deals with complaints. A response should be made within 5 working days. If the complainant still feels dissatisfied then a manager will investigate and respond.


All complaints are treated with confidentiality in mind. Only officers dealing with complaints in each service area will be aware that a complaint has been received and is being dealt with. Anonymous requests will be acted upon; however it is better to provide contact details so that the complainant can be informed of the outcome.

Complaints About Contractors

RDF recognises complaints regarding its own operatives / contractors, and any organisation contracted to work for RDF, and will seek to resolve such complaints. These complaints are useful to guide learning in future service delivery and contractual arrangements, and feedback on performance is given to contractors on a regular basis.

Equalities Statement

RDF aims to handle all complaints fairly and honestly regardless of who makes a complaint. RDF treats all members of the community equitably and will not show bias to any particular individual or group.

Matters that are Outside the Policy

The following matters are not included in this policy:

  • Complaints which are subject to legal proceedings Requests for service

Monitoring Satisfaction and Performance

It is important to monitor the effectiveness of the corporate complaints system and determine which areas may be under represented in terms of complaints awareness.


This complaints policy is a practical means by which RDF can demonstrate its determination to effectively deal with complaints, in a fair and honest way, for all occupants, residents, tenants and sub-­ contractors / contractors.


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